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Dr. Olshausen is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician offering Direct Primary Care.


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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a growing model of primary care delivery that gets back to the basics of care by putting priorities back in order. With the number one priority being taking care of and helping patients.

DPC clinics like ours aim to deliver quality care at an affordable price. Third-party fee-for-service payments are abandoned in order to eliminate unnecessary administrative costs that contribute nothing to patient care. The model emphasizes ongoing and preventative care. A periodic (typically monthly) membership fee is paid directly to the DPC physician to better reflect the ongoing relationship. Caring for a patient goes well beyond the interaction during an office visit.

Features of Direct Primary Care

Flexibility – We abandoned the rules and regulations imposed upon us by the government and insurance companies through their payment contracts. This allows us to provide you with the care that’s needed and medically appropriate. The care the way you and your doctor feel is right for you!

Availability – We can be there for you 24/7. Because we focus our energy on fewer patients than a traditional insurance-based practice. Not only can you reach your doctor around the clock, but you can reach him in different ways; text, e-mail, phone, video call! You can send photos when needed to evaluate a rash or other issues that need to be visualized.

Transparency – No hidden fees or costs! You will know the exact cost of your membership fee and what this includes. No co-pays or coinsurance surprises in our office. If you choose to make use of value-added services like greatly discounted blood tests or amazingly discounted medications, you will easily understand the cost on a simple invoice as opposed to a complicated “Explanation of Benefits” from the insurance company.

Convenience – This goes back to the availability and the different ways of communicating with the doc. We also have no wait times to speak of. All of this can save you time! You can get back to work or play quickly or never even have to leave it. It can save you money! You will have opportunities to save on the cost of gas and probably more importantly on opportunity costs – preserved productivity or salary at work or preserved benefit of spending time with family or friends

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